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30 May

A must for flower beginners! 3 Ways to Send Your Wife Other Than a Bouquet of Flowers

You may want to send your wife flowers, but you may not want to give her another bouquet. Also, there is no vase at home even if you buy flowers. If you give flowers to your wife, you might want to think about how you're going to manage the flowers after you give them to her, right? We've compiled a list of flower gifts that are easy to give and manage. Why not take this opportunity to buy your wife some flowers as a gift?

flower box

Flower boxes are recommended as a simple gift that can be purchased as is.

In addition, since many flowers are crammed into a compact box, it is easy to carry and not bulky, so it is convenient for the gift giver.

Once received, you can use the box to decorate your room, and even if you don't have a vase at home, your wife will be delighted to receive it as a gift.Click abcflor to view more gifts.

Preserved Flowers

I've heard of it, but what is preserved flowers? Some people may say.

Preserved flowers are perfect for gift giving because even raw and specially treated flowers can remain beautiful for years. After you give them to you, you don't have to take care of them, such as watering them.

We recommend giving them small items made from preserved flowers to play up their longevity.

A picture frame like the one pictured is a great gift for a baby shower or wedding gift. If you give it to your wife, she will be delighted with it for her wedding anniversary or to store pictures of her children. How about putting your important photos in it and giving it to your wife?

Preserved flowers can last up to 3 years if they are well preserved. The good thing is that you can purchase gifts in advance to make them last longer.

No need for watering, perfect for events and other occasions. Won't deteriorate in the short term like flowers, so users won't feel stressed.

Freshness and softness are comparable to live plants.

Light weight.

Can keep its shape for a long time if stored in a good environment.

No need to worry about pollen allergies, can be used as hospital visit flowers.

Can be used as a wedding bouquet. If you order a fresh bouquet and plan to use preserved flowers after your wedding ceremony, you can save time and effort by using them in your wedding ceremony as well.

Foliage plants

It's not a flower, but it's an extravagant plant, so it's an indoor plant. It's good to have at least one indoor plant in your home.

If you don't like big ones, you can buy a small plant and give it to your wife as an indoor decorating gift. Many houseplants have a long life span and are not hard to care for, so they are easy to keep alive after giving as a gift.Click abcflor to view more gifts.

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